Portraying the memories of your big day with our stills & films.

We are into the business for the past 5 years and know how to exactly freeze the emotions & sentiments of a wedding  into our cameras. We have a team of young, enthusiastic and creative artists who posses an ability to think out of the box to capture down every detail of a wedding ceremony gracefully. We believe that every wedding has a special story and we at Lights Camera Shutter know how to fabricate and rewrite the untold story for our wedding couple.  

Our team always carries the zeal to bring out something new at every venue and couple we shoot around for. We love to know and capture the different traditions, culture and rituals of the diversity that we have in our country, be it a bengali wedding in kolkata, a tamil wedding in madras or a marathi wedding in maharashtra. We are based out of delhi but available and offer our services at every corner of the country. 



There is always a second option that we look after for, before choosing any of the services in a wedding home, no? So, what is it that makes Lights Camera Shutter a credible choice for our clients? 

  • We are proud that we have cinematographers and photographers in our crew who are skilled professionals and hold their degrees in the specialised field. Our team is an alumini of various film & television institutes. We have studied what we do, so it is not just the field experience that we have, but primary knowledge as well. 
  • We are equipped with highend professional gears that bring the real colour of joy out of every moment. We make our own props with our craft team to add more fun and drama into the wedding pictures. We add our own perpective into play to bring out the best outcome for our bride & groom. We deliever the best high-resolution pictures, without compromising with the quality.
  • We are always flexible with our budget as we crave for doing our job rather than counting money. We have got the most economical price package if you actually compare us with any of the reknown photographer in the town, from the same segment we work in.